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About Us is a succesfull italian company that produce and distribute innovative feed premixes, special raw materials and nutritional services for all animals for more than 30 years. phylosophy is focused to improve all aspects of the farming system: nutrition, management, health, nature and economics. We have feed supplements, vitamins and mineral premixes acidifiers, toxin binders and natural products herbs and exential oil based because in our mind we put nature first. offers alternative products and technologies in order to reduce antibiotics in animal diets. Our desire is to be able to offer a useful service to veterinarians and owners of breeding, respecting animal health with ethics and international standards governing the use and production of our nutritional products.

Our Vision


Our Mission wants to be your leading supplier for livestock feed products with nutritional and techincal solutions. provides high quality products supported by leading edge technical advises and services to meet the needs of livestock producers.

Constant evolution is at the core of’s activities. We want to provide innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions while respecting the environment, animal welfare and contributing to food safety. provides specific nutritional solutions consisting of feed concepts products and nutritional know-how focused on livestock animals health. Our products allow to reduce the use of conventional drugs.


Quality is key in our businness. offers a range of well-established, tested products and all lines of products have GMP+ certification.

We  support our clients with technical expertise and this service is a key factor in’s success.



Services is able to offer its livestock products and feed programs, which are tailored to requirements of its clients. This means that optimal financial and technical results can be achieved.

We have different lines of products for poultry, ruminants, swine, horses/camels, sheep, goats, fish/aquaculture and feed mill industries. 


Essential oil associations
The precise combination of different essential oils in hydrosoluble solutions for drinking water brings tangible benefits, helping to counteract breathing, digestion and pathogenic problems in farms.

Hepatic regulators
Adapted for different species, liver regulators are communally used world-wide, requiring a truly technical approach to bring about the best results on the ground.

Liquid minerals
Minerals are widely used for different animal species: from water-based hydrosoluble forms to a purely oral useage, we can develop specific products.

Complex vitamins
Our vitamin mixes are developed with particularly special attention, bringing you a well adapted end-product. The very high quality of raw materials we use are recognised and appreciated for their stability and enhanced bioavailability.

Prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic: we have very innovative products.

Specific mixes
We are constantly developing new concepts to satisfy stock breeder’s needs. Energy boosters, natural antioxydants, carbon-active based solutions, essential fatty acid gels.